Restoration & Listed Building Refurbishment

EML Construction Ltd has established an exceptional reputation in Dublin and Kildare, combining the gentle restoration of historic buildings with the luxuries and necessities of modern living.

Be it a period home in need of loving restoration and modernisation, or an office building in need of refurbishment, we provide an elite bespoke service which encompasses all aspects of your project.

We offer a first class service to clients from inception to completion, working diligently and collectively with all contractors and trades, to ensure your vision and investment are realised.

EML Construction Ltd have had the privilege of being the Project Managers on the iconic Shelbourne Hotel Restoration project. We managed the entire restoration from start to finish, alongside providing highly skilled craftsmen & labour throughout the various stages of the restoration.

In conjunction with this, we have had the opportunity to complete many beautiful restorations projects throughout Dublin, giving us a wealth of experience and knowledge in the gentle handling these historic buildings require to allow them to blossom into your dream home or investment property.

If you are looking for expertise and exceptionally good value for your project, please contact us to arrange a meeting.